Should I launch ASAP or migrate to another database?

I have been working on the desktop application for almost a month ( It is almost ready, I need only find some more beta-testers so I could get feedback and maybe change something, fix bugs and then finally launch it.

But right now I'm thinking about migration to another database because in the future maybe I will not be able to do something I need with the database I use right now. And I'm afraid of it. I'm afraid that in the future it will hard to migrate to another database and it will be a huge problem.

But an idea is still not validated and I have no idea my app has future or not. Also, I feel like I have been working on the application too long and I need to launch it soon but I always come up with more features and try to find something that will be a cause of growth in the future and fix it.

So the question is: what would you do instead of me? Launch as soon as possible to validate the idea and then come up with a solution if the database will actually be a problem or spend more time and migrate to another database?

Realistically how much longer would it take to migrate databases later when you have user data vs doing it right now? If it's an extra week or two but the current database will last you another 3-6 months before you run into limitations then I'd say just launch asap and deal with migration later.

That's the main problem - I have no idea who much it will take later and how hard it will be. But if I will migrate right now, it will take about a day or two, but also it is kinda a work that I'm not really excited - I will have to rewrite all my code using promises...

I think yea, I will just launch with the database I use right now and we will see how it will go :)

Yeah that's probably the right choice. When in doubt I try to err towards just getting the damn thing out :)

Launch ASAP. Change your db only when it is a problem. The priority is traction, when you have traction you will worry about scaling :)