Should I drop the Idea of user submitting Learnpaths to my Project and instead, try to interview Devs?

Hey everyone <3 So I'm working on this project called Learnpath which is essentialy a List of ressources gathered by people that helped them learn something new, be it Cooking Pasta or Fixing your Car. Atleast thats the Idea. I got some great feedback in terms of things I must and should imrove before the launch, one great Feedback that came up was If it would maybe be smarter to drop user generated content, in this case the Learnpath and instead, focus on Interviews and display the Learnpaths in an interactive Way? So not just a Blob of Text and a few "Resources" (Yes, horrible name will drop that!) but instead real interviews with real people. Like Pete does with NoCSDegree?

What are your thoughts on this topic?

That does sound better, often you really need to create the initial content yourself before others will start to contribute.

So, would you be open for an interview? 😃 ❤

Can't speak for @rutierut, but since I'm expecting you to ask me the same question (as I just posted a comment), here's some advice:

When asking for a favor (which is an interview is), make sure to specify what exactly you're asking. People are less likely to agree to something, when they don't know the full extent of the favor yet.

So in case of an interview request, it would be good to roughly know how many questions, via which medium, etc.

I agree with @rutierut. Interviewing people is a great way to get things started for two reasons:

  1. An article can stand on its own, whereas with a list of resources you really need a lot to be valuable.
  2. The interviewee will help drive traffic to your site, as they generally share their own interviews

You could then start summarizing the learning paths discussed in these interviews and add more user-generated content over time.

That is better idea. I agree with @rutierut .

The thing is that content creation is a very big problem. One of the main issue is that, as usual, you may be very active in the beginning but ups and downs of the life or our timelines affect our eagerness.

I had been running a mobile fortune telling application ( which is local to Turkey and it was an AI supported fortune telling platform. No matter it is AI or not, it was requiring the training data. But finding this data was in my hand. I was the person who had to prepare content. I was lucky because the project went well in the beginning so I hired someone for it but if it would not probably the startup would fail.

I wish you luck and success!

Thanks for the detailed response! Appreciate it 😄
Yeah I'll go the indiehackers way and start with content sourced by myself!