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Do not spare the heat! Do not pick words :)

First of all, pretty nice landing page Ars! Nonetheless, I think there're few things that could be improved:

• Since you're using Roboto and use the light style (300) for the text, I recommend you to move up a little bit to the regular style (400) for readability and more professional look of the text.
• I think the screenshots deserve more love. Currently it's hard to understand what's going on because the pictures are pixelated and smaller than they used to be. I recommend you to show only the part of the screenshot that matters, so that you could show it in a proper size. Thus, it would be clearer for the eyes of people.
• The pricing section looks too big for me. Less is more.

I think that's all for now. Good luck for improving this! 🙏🏻

Thank you for the input Wilbert. I really appreciate. I'll remake the lp in the near future.