Seeking recommendations for an iOS Developer Bootcamp for non-Tech Builders

I'm planning to re-factor my app,, from the ground up to be Mac native (I just got my first Mac a few weeks ago 😁).

I have some builder experience (WordPress, PHP scripting, JS copy/paste and ChatGPT) and lots of web development, but no MVC pattern experience. 

Looking for a bootcamp or instructor-led course thats built for people like me. 


Why do you think you need a bootcamp? I typically recommend people in your position figure it out by using chatgpt and google as you’re already doing. Instead of just copying and pasting the code though, try to understand what it does and ask chatgpt follow up questions until it’s clear

An X-week bootcamp won’t make you a good software engineer anyway. You need significant time and reps to get better much like any other skill, and I think you’ll get to your goal faster by “learning on the job” vs. sitting in a class and trying to absorb material

Noted! I thought perhaps a bootcamp (et al) might give me a jumping off point. But I see your point. I have learned my entire career that way - scrappy. Maybe thats what I will do. Build iteratively:

  1. Make Hello World
  2. Make Hello World you can edit/modify
  3. etc

Right - I think your jumping off point is a prompt to chatgpt with “build me an example MVP app in swift that does X and explain each line of code as if I’m a beginner”

Actually my first will be "Whats the app called where you can make a Mac app?" 😂

Online resources ->

You're welcome to visit the states. Apple dev academy is here (30-day & 1-year program).

Thx! I should have done this sooner - look at what Apple offers lol

I do iOS / Swift development 📱 – can't think of a bootcamp!

I recommend breaking up your learning into areas:
- Programming (core concepts e.g functions, loops, if else...)
- Language (specific features e.g struct in Swift...)
- Framework (the tools built on top e.g SwiftUI for iOS apps...)
- App Development (process of joining the parts, e.g architectures...)

I've collected some resources here (lil old but still relevant):

Would highlight:
- Stanford iOS Course
- A Best-in-Class iOS App by Jordan Morgan
- 100 days of Swift / Swift UI
- Apple's Introducing SwiftUI tutorial

Would be great to hear how you get on, which route you take to learn!

Feel free to drop me a message if you run into any problems 🚀

Amazing! Thanks Matt! Will have a look. Functions, loops is no problem for me. I have done plenty of PHP stuff over the years and been "hacking" since the 90's. Swift is new though. Whats the best way to DM you if I have questions? X?

Ahh yeah I just pulled that list from some of my mentoring work, I did think of a Swift specific resource that might be good though:… this site helps you pick up new languages quickly with a single file from simple to complex concepts including language feature 🚀

I don't check X messages so much / get quite a bit of spam – I've got telegram on my profile might be better!

Ha! Well would you look at that Love what you wrote Matt. Thats what I'm working on:

Yeah super cool, I built and had a tiny wins app on the backburner and love the process of on a monthly basis checking up on my wins, sharing them and encouraging others to do the same!

I just tried your app.. LOVE it! So neat the idea of specificying a KPI at the start of a goal. That's neat. Feature request: allow me to setup multiple KPIs (small wins) for every goal

Bug? When I update a progress item and click update, I see code

Ohh I'll take a look, not actively worked on the app in quite a while 😱

Ahh yeah the JSON view? on the url:<id>

That's just the update page I never built out!

I believe so yes. Just sent you a screenshot on email.