Roast's landingpage

Hey people, I created a mobile app that helps kids and adults to wash their hands according to the instructions provided by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

I'll be launching on Product Hunt beginning next week.

I really would love to get feedback on my copy, your first impressions, and if I'm missing something important.

Thanks for roasting, I'll grab some marshmallows to join the party 🙌🏻

The page:

Hi! your landing is pretty clear.
FYI : the link for the apple store button is redirecting to…

If you're not available on the Apple store, I suggest a "coming soon" notification and use the button to collect emails.

Thanks for your feedback Helene. You're right. Since I wasn't allowed I had to put the link somewhere, going in depth about why It wasn't given green light by Apple. I like the coming soon notification and the email collection idea, will go and change this.

Thanks for taking a look and giving me your tips 🙌🏻