Roast Sleekplans landing page

Hi there! I've set up the landing page for my new product Sleekplan ( and would be really grateful about any feedback. Cheers, Marco

First-time founder, bootstrapping a SaaS product for back-of-house webapp development:

Overall design is good. I especially like the flow and level of detail of the /features page. I also like the comparison pages, I think those are really valuable for anyone deciding to try your product (plus they show you've done your research), and I would make the links for them more prominent.

In just a few minutes of clicking around I saw a lot of typos. You should pick through your copy with a fine-toothed comb:
- Screenshot has a typo (Dashbaord)
- Title bar in firefox on linux shows a square (failed to render character) instead of the thought-bubble emoji (it looks fine in the tab but wrong in the browser title bar)
- acurate is misspelled (should be accurate)
- Is the feedback bar on the left an example of your product in action? If so, you should highlight that in the main body of the page ("Try it out!" or "See how it works")
- The 'learn more' link is broken (points to /nutshell when it should point to /features)
- "our JavaScript sniped" should be "our JavaScript snippet"
- On the /features page, 'managment' is misspelled.
- On /about page, "did not satisfy me enough" would read better without the "enough". Also, "exiting applications" should be "existing applications"

Thanks, Camilo πŸ™ thank you for the feedback! I simply wrote the landing page down and never double-check grammar and spelling - shame on me πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ I got on it right away! I am still thinking about how I can place the comparison links on the main page more prominently. Let's see if I find a good solution

Cheers, Marco

Maker of things

Personally I don't see how it works on the landing page: "...way to make better decisions based on your customers' feedback"

That's a strong value proposition in my opinion. But when the potential customers don't see it in action, I think that's a real bummer.

Hope that helps! πŸ™‚

Helped a lot, thank you!! I'm trying to figure out how to make this work. I thought the feedback loop next to "Build better products step by step"

You think a video would be better? Screenshots don't say a lot.

I also thought about changing the title. Something like that: "Sleekplan is the most simple, effortless, and accurate way to track and prioritize customer feedback straight from your web application" I thought this might be a bit more to the point.

Maker of things

I think screenshots could work as well, as long as you show what matters the most. Either way, you gotta make sure what you show doesn't make user feel overwhelmed. Too much text is overwhelming, too much screenshot or video do the same.

For the title, I don't see "straight from your web application" as a strong value proposition there. But might be because I'm not your ideal customer. The rest of it feels natural and easy to understand. Good job Marco! πŸ‘πŸ»

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