Roast Notebags landing page (

Hey everyone. I just put the landing page for Notebag and would love some feedback. I'm not super great at marketing copy, so it'd be awesome if anyone could give me a few pointers there.


Damn you @pretzelhands, why make it so hard to get us roasting.

- You have the CTA right there when the site opens
- The site looks clean and loads fast
- The features are clear

- I see the "Get Notebag" button in screen twice (one in the top bar and one under your taglines, might want to make the one under tagline look different (maybe even wiggle or such?) so it doesn't look like I'm seeing double instantly :p
- You state the app as: "Notebag is a fully keyboard-compatible note-taking app that links all your knowledge and gets out of your way"
The real VALUE that it will bring is that it will get out of your way. You might wanna focus more on the value - that seems like time-saving to me - that it provides, ie:

"Notebag lets you take notes faster than any other note-taking app using features like full keyboard compatibility, global show/hide shortcut, instant note creation, and hashtag based notes linking"
I'm not good at copywriting, but you get the gist.

  • might wanna have the header float along with the reader so the Get Notebag button and FAQ are always in display

I really had to squeeze to get some remarks on this :) take care! 🔥

This is great! Thanks for the advice with the CTA and value prop. Like that intro you provided there is 👀