Roast my startup concept

I'm a software developer and for the last few years I've been working with startups to create their apps and build their teams.
During this time I've found that most apps are mostly the same, and that had my agreements allowed me code ownership, I'd be able to reuse very large portions of the codebase from one app to the next to much more quickly get new projects up and running, and so I've decided to try to launch Uncubator.

Uncubator is a custom app development service for a fixed monthly fee. For a fixed fee you get your custom app developed, hosted and consistently updated and improved, spreading the cost of app development which is traditionally front heavy, and in exchange, you give up intellectual property rights to the codebase. Overall the service is still considerably cheaper then developing an app via an agency or inhouse as the cost for large portions of the coding is shared between multiple clients.

Would love some feedback on the concept and website message and if its something you'd use or if you'd still rather pay more to own the IP. 

I know a lot of startups without technical founders, I can see this work, but the problem that comes to mind is the constant change in requirements. They often don't know precisely what they are doing and are quickly pivoting. I can see that becoming a problem with consent back and forth and spending more time figuring out what they want.

Another problem would be that for 5k, I would be able to hire a pretty good dev to work for me so you would be competing with that, and you need to have some value added.

Do I think you can find a few clients for a service like this? Absolutely!

It reminds me a lot of designjoy (although he clearly outsources the work..)

Have you thought about a more specific customer segment? (e.g. custom apps for restaurant owners)

With a more specific audience, you will be able to (1) convey the value immediately to those users, and (2) ensure you can use most of the code base from project to project (saving time).

Eventually, I can see this become a "no-code" app development platform.

I would suggest you to half-compete with agencies and make a turnover into a platform.

Since you are using a lot of the codebase that you’ve made before, I think the best solution is to present your service as a seemingly automated platform where clients can request an app/features/etc, and you’ll build it for a certain fee — even on a subscription basis.

I agree with @alvivanco on this — eventually this can become a “no-code” platform, but right now (kinda) it’ll be a service only. A similar approach can be found in Bravo Studio — no-code mobile app design-first development platform (basically, build an app in Figma). However, the owners also sell their own development services.

Also, as I’ve mentioned above, subscription model can become quite viable in this regard. Personally, I build an unlimited design/development subscription — clients can add their request via a simple form and see the progress in their dashboard. Unlimited requests per month — average request turnaround is about 3–5 days.

Hope my experience can be somehow helpful to you!

You should narrow this down to a specific niche. Don't go abroad because you will end up building a big/complex codebase or features that not anyone necessarily wants. And if you try to satisfy everybody with their feature requests, you will lose a lot of time and most probably a lot of money!