Roast my service and landing page and tell me why it sucks #Checkwise ☑️

I'm starting a new service for makers and freelancers, now accepting the first beta users:

It's an accountability assistant to make you more consistent and productive. Here's how it works: we assign you a human assistant who regularly checks that you're on top of your to-do list, to ensure that you stick to your plans. You share your to-do list with him/her and then you have to proof with pics/screenshots that you've done it. I've made it specifically for those who work alone and manage their own time.

Please roast to your heart's content!

Also, feel free to subscribe to the waiting list to become a beta user. Wipfam gets priority 😉

Overal, super good content! Just tweet the design a little and you're there. Tips below

1) Decrease the size of your logo, takes a bit of time to load
2) Align your navigation to the right (people expect it there)
3) Your hero title and description are super to the point, well done!
4) Make your CTA button text black, bold and bigger.
5) Change the CTA text to something that a user will get. No clue what will happen with "Check me". Maybe: Keep me in check is clearer, or simple Signup now
6) Change How it works -> "The hardest part of working alone is sticking to your own plans." and the first sentence to "This is how it work....."
7) Why would I want someone to supervise me? After this part its get really boring. Play around with fonts, size and maybe add some images.
8) Add more padding to the gray background blocks. Make the breeeeaaath
9) Change the gray background, feels a little to juridical
10) Your FAQ is a bit chaotic. Do it a bit more like these examples ->…
11) Join the waiting list -> Be the first to try it out or something

Nice to receive landing page feedback from the guy of Landingfolio!
Here's my view on your points:
1- Noted.
2- True, navigation to the right is better.
3- Thanks! I've been thinking for hours about it, glad you liked it.
4- I get the bold and bigger part, but black? I chose the color since it matches the images (same as the people's clothes and in contrast with blue). Maybe if it was black and when hovering over it then it turns orange? Or did you mean the text in black while preserving the orange button?
5- Good one, I'd probably go for "Stick to the plan" or your "Keep me in check".
6- Noted!
7- Noted, I'll try to make it more interesting.
8- N o t e d , it needs to  b r e a t h
9- Yep, true. Gray is boring.
10- Thanks for the FAQ examples!
11- I also like that, something like "Be the first one to try it" sounds more appealing.

Thanks a bunch, you made my day.

Looks nice!!

I agree with @dannypostma above, but here's my two cents as well.

The fonts look good to me except maybe make them a point or two bigger.

The logo is Checkwise, but the title of the page is CheckWise. Personally, I like CheckWise better.

I think you should make the logo and navigation the same width as the content.

The white text on the yellow buttons are a bit hard to read.

I think you should show a few examples of how you'll communicate with others.


Thanks Cody! Very helpful advice, much appreciated.

I had thought in the past about showing examples of how we'd communicate with the users, but it slipped out of my mind while designing this landing page. Thanks for reminding me of that, it makes a lot of sense to add it.

1) Is it like a buddy system. I get help if I help someone? Or is it your service to check my to-do's? (not clear in first 5 seconds)
2) Logo is to big
3) Once I am here I can't go back to the original home.
4) The "Why would I want someone to supervise me?" part is visually not appealing. I won't read it.
5) Same for the FAQ, looks a bit sloppy and unorganized how it's designed here.
6) All products use illustrations like that. Not quite unique. Perhaps just show the 'product' here.

Personally, I'm not a strong believer in crushing to-do lists. Focussing on that kind of productive will mean you'll end up just being very busy all the time. I rather focus on 'flow'.

You may find some inspiration in virtual Co-Working spaces (like…) where you check-in together, get to work and hold each other accountable at a check-0out at the end of the day. So maybe, next to to-do's, you can add more services in the future to hold each other accountable via your buddy system.

Cheers, Marcel

Thanks, Marcel.

It is not a buddy system because you don't have to check on others and the other person is dedicated (and paid) to check on you, so he/she won't flake even if you do. Anyway, I'll keep in mind that this was not clear within the first 5 seconds, that's important. Do you have any recommendation on how would you change it so that it's more clear?

I take note of your feedback on the visual aspect. It's true that many other products use the same illustration style, but I'm aiming to play it safe in this aspect - for now :)

And lastly, a virtual co-working space is a diferent concept but it does have some things that I could learn about. I have some plans to expand on the services offered with CheckWise in the future. I'll probably discuss them here in WIP.