Roast my SaaS, Linkush. Throw me on the grill!

Hi everyone!

So I haven't officially launched my product yet. I've been writing about it a bit on IH, but I've already got a few users using the tool and I'm constantly improving it.

My main focus was to change the message in the home page as people weren't successfully understanding what the product is about.

Would love to hear your thoughts! any feedback is much appreciated.


Hey 👋

I've already seen a lot of product like yours, what's the main killer features?
As a web dev, the message is clear enough for me :) !

To find a message, I always ask myself "Why?"
So, Why I should use your product?
"I want to share links with my own branding"
"I want to share any links, with my own CTA to collect emails"

In my own opinion, you have too many Steps. It sounds difficult for a random user.
I tried with google and WIP, but didn't work :'(

You should change the color schema, the contrast between the Background/foreground is not enough for accessibility.

Hi Florian! thanks for taking the time!

The main features are going to be cheaper plans, easier work flow, faster load times and it supports right-to-left languages.

I like the way you find the correct message to deliver!

Regarding the steps and difficulty, you mean the gif is too hard to understand?

I agree about the color schema, I'm on it :)

Thanks again!

Why did you choose the name Linkush? I haven't checked the product in detail, but the name is very generic, but could be wrong and just doesn't got it right away.

From a design perspective, you can improve a lot with little effort. Your navbar/identity and logo is not aligned correctly seems off. You could also optimize your navbar and actually put stuff in there...seems empty/wasted space.

Play a bit with typography/alignment/layout. Don't be afraid to be bold and go large. Keep it minimal. What works for me, and I am not a designer, is design one prominent element (navbar? form? call to action?) really well. Spend time on basics like logo/typo/colors/spacing/fonts/etc. Once you are happy and are proud of your minimal finished prominent element, you probably found a style/direction that will guide you and the rest will come more natural; easy and much more fun to build.