Roast my project

Hey everyone 👋

Let me know your thoughts, any feedback is appreciated!


  1. Can you clearly understand what my product does?
  2. Is there enough value added / is it useful, anything missing?
  3. I am in two minds about displaying the discounts (eg $1000 $600 and 40%) on some listings, and instead display only display final (discounted price) and highlight low priced / good value listings, reasons:
    • some apartments don't have discount but their base price is already low (good value) and users scanning just for discount tags may miss them
    • I plan to add apartments from other sources not just Airbnb that won't have discounts but again a good value
    • then again discounting as a tactic seem to work and draws uses in

Note: More listings will be added on launch, still tweaking.

Thanks everyone 🙌

Really cool project, love it!

1 - You handpick discount from Airbnb for Nomad people
2 - I like both displays on the same card