Roast my product idea for managing/paying freelancers

I've been working on an idea to scratch my own itch, and started a landing page yesterday for validation.

There's still a lot to go, but the vision is basically this: Tools to onboard and pay your freelance team in one click, designed for the busy solopreneur.

Does this pain point resonate with you?

Making tools for bootstrappers.

Limitless Iterating Machine

Hey Jeff, I like the product idea. I definitely would have used this tool in the past on previous projects. The page sections seem to have a similar color and layout as you scroll down the page. Have you thought about putting a Features title? The feature section would also stand out more with a different color background to clearly show the different sections on the homepage as you are scrolling.

Also depending on how far you along you are in developing the product a video showing it would go along way. Hope that helps.

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