Roast My New Project: Article.Audio

Hey friends; My new project is now live...

it's time to ROAST: Article.Audio 🔥

Convert Articles To Audio

🌐 140+ languages
👄 270+ natural-sounding voices
 🎭 31 speaking styles
🎧 Listen anytime, anywhere
🧩 Manage with tags
👯‍♂️ Share to your friends

Convert your first article now and let me know...

Already mentioned it on Twitter, that polish version can't be used because script can't read polish letter like ąęłśżźć etc. Plus dropdown should let me type first country name letter instead of scrolling and searching.

Thanks for your feedback Szymon. For the selection of the language, yes, I will add a search to find more quickly. and for the Polish I'll work on it to make the Polish sound good :)

I expected the "play" button to play a sample recording when choosing voice.