Roast my landing page: Surveyval - Customer development on autopilot

Give me your honest feedback about the landing page. Be harsh if you need to.

No roast necessary, looks really clean, maybe get rid of the pop up.

Ok, imho:
* the "Which features...." image is blurry on retina screens
* i don't think the monospace font works very well (under easily find out)
* would put "How it's done" higher up
* i'm still confused what it does (and why I would pay). How does it compare to things I know? (form builders, survey monkey, etc.)

But the basics are there, good luck :)

Hey Yvo, thanks for the feedback!
Regarding your last point, Surveyval automatically generates product/market fit surveys and, most importantly, extract the insights from the responses. So if you're asking yourself:
- who are my best customers?
- why do they love my product?
- which features make my users upgrade?
- what should I build next?
Surveyval gives you the answers to these questions.

I'm thinking maybe a live demo of the insights section?

I've added a FAQ section, hope it helps :)