Roast my landing page


Before I start promoting the app, I'd appreciate it if you could roast this one:

Thank you :)

It's a little static, maybe you can intergate some moving objects or an explainer video?

We've made a product just for that:

This week we created a paywall but use it for free with this coupon code: WIPONEMONTH4FREE

Hope it helps

nice 👍🏼 thank will try it out!

first 2 seconds -- please insert a big fat linebreak here 😂 :

thanks! the first 2 seconds are the important ones

As a product, you've got me hooked. It takes ingredients and spits out a recipe so I don't have to figure out anything? Sold 🤣

(Potential upgrade: A space for us to put items we already have in our kitchen so when we choose a recipe, AI will scan the list of ingredients we already have then add whatever is missing to a grocery list + how much we need to get.)

I'd legit pay for a product like that because I bought ANOTHER 5-pound bag of rice yesterday. Came home, and I already had 3 other bags.

Something like this would be an ADHD person's best friend.

Anyway, that was precisely 0% helpful with the sales page, but hopefully it helps in some way lol.

thank you! every feedback counts so of course it does help! :)

The generator already supports to generate the Recipe based on just a list of ingredients.

Your case is kind similar the reason I build the app. If i strictly plan the week ahead I seldom have ingredients left. The plan sheet always reminds me what I wanted to cook.