Roast my landing page design

Just put together my landing page in Figma this week. Looking for feedback and thoughts. 

MeetBetter is a tool that helps organizers run great meetings using focus and feedback.

LandingPage.png 969 KB

I have no idea what it does. Maybe a screencast of it in action will help.
The impression I get is it sends out queries about a meeting AFTER the meeting is over? Dont know why I would do that? How does this compare to meeting notes tools like Otter?

Hey Kory, I wanted to say something similar to Mohan. I haven't made these very often, but I've heard people that are way better at it than me say to condense to a single CTA as much as possible and offer a lot of social proof.

Kind of out in left field: could the first block on the homepage be a form for reviewing a meeting that people could send to each other? Kind of the way worldtimebuddy shares overlap? Or a video / demo as Mohan mentions would be great.

I love the illustrations--did you draw them? They look great!

This is great feedback @all_over_the_place & @lukehollis 🤩🤩.

I think I got too excited about how much I liked the graphics / design and didn’t spend enough time on the copy / messaging.

@all_over_the_place the product will be starting out as a feedback tool that will ask some pointed questions after the meeting has happened to help new managers understand where they may have blind spots. The second milestone is to build out an agenda builder for the manager to use before the meeting.

@lukehollis i was thinking of having a “try it out” button where you’d enter your email address and it would send you the feedback form to assess a fake meeting so you could see how it worked and then it would email you the summary. It would let you see what the attendee sees and what the manager sees. But I don’t want to make it too busy.

Ah, that's cool! -- and yeah, the graphics 🔥 This tool would have been super useful for me hooked up to Slack, but that was a few years ago. I don't know what people use now.

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