Roast my job board

I have a job board that is focused on Microsoft products / services / skills.

Currently no search or job form. Just importing from crawls, location and skill tag filters.

I like the clean design!
A splash of color might help though?

Very personal preference but I hate social media share buttons; ppl know how to share & buttons just distract & never get clicked

Thank you. I am testing adding a splash of green or indigo to the apply buttons and possibly the skill tags.

I agree with the social share. Plan to remove and make the apply buttons larger.

I like it!

I'd add tags and location to each job (Maybe with light colour)

Hey David,
Site is very cool, awesome to see so many jobs there.

Since this is a ROAST!!! Starting my flame thrower...
1. Your little boxes with the letter in them, are not very helpful. Maybe use Free api service to get logo – just feed it the company name (very cool).

  1. The list on the front page doesn't make sense. But showing you have 7,830 active jobs does. Maybe browser by employer first? Location first?

  2. I think the the browser by job/location/remote/tag shouldn't be a top menu, should be attached to the main list. Possibly could be four different dropdowns
    [Location] [remote] [tag] and clicking the drop down, eg location – you could select you location.

  3. The descriptions body text is pretty average.

    I've used the chatGTP api to turn unstructured text into markdown.
    Here's an example job description to markdown. you can do this via the API…

at 1c for the API call - it would cost 7400*0.01 = $74 bucks. I think that is worth it to massively improve the content and formatting. (if its 3c then thats a bit more).

I noticed some job ads had a salary range. I bet you could summarise and get the salary range out of ChatGPT.

  1. Would be interesting if @julianrubisch and his AI resume generator worked together.

  2. The job description is probably too wide. Ideally about 12 words wide at the maximum. I counted about 16, I would consider making it narrow so it's easier to read, at 16 words, it makes it hard for the eye to find the start of the next sentence.

// end roast //

Good work man! Awesome to see you've got a lot of content in there. Very cool

expiry dates could be good?