Roast my homepage

We've recently launched and are going through beta access. Don't hold back - give me your feedback on

Ideally I'd like you to tell me what you think the product does, and of course - give me your feedback on the design/usability!

Can't wait... Oh and feel free to register for early access 😉

What I think the product does:

  1. On the initial screen I see "Have your best call, Spend less time note taking and more time participating" and the image with the person and the app: I am not sure what the product does, maybe it is a video conferencing software ... No, i dont' think so, maybe it records my conference calls. Would be nice if I can set markers while recording.

  2. Saw the title of the page: Yes it records my calls, yes I can set markers.

  3. Next the gif and the text about the 95 %. Not sure how to use this with let's say Microsoft Teams. In a real life meeting maybe I just hit record on my phone.

  4. Gif with the voice line and transcript: Maybe it transcribes fully automated, but only English?

  5. Seems like a nice tool, great idea.

Design and UX, Overall good looking, little things I noticed:

  • Images are pngs and very big, so the first image (700 KB) takes a little bit until it's available on the screen, maybe use JPG with compression?
  • Navigation menu items have a very thin font, maybe make it little stronger (400) and darker
  • Fixed header on small screens takes too much space. Menu icon is in the middle, should be left or right. I would move it to the left, App icon in the middle and action button on the right.