Roast my football newsletter (landing page) -

Hey everyone! 👋

I'm working on - it's a twice-a-week newsletter with football news, transfer rumors, scores, game previews, and professional stats.

I'd love if you guys could take a look at my landing page - - and tell me if you see room for improvement/applying changes.

Also, there's a link to the test edition of the newsletter - - it's a bit shite quality as I'm still figuring out how to best embed emails on the site. (If anyone would like it to be sent to them, hit me up with your email address!)

I'm planning on sending the first official edition this Friday (20/21 football season starts in Spain, France, and England).

I'll appreciate every bit of your feedback! (even if it hurts😅)

Thanks! 🙌

Hey Jakub, I like the simple easy to sign up design on the landing page. The hero image seems to take a a little more time to load on the page. Have you thought about minimizing the image size at least on mobile?

Also congrats on launching!

Thanks for the feedback Noah 🙌

Yea, totally forgot about it. Now it should be loading quicker. Different format, smaller size.