Roast my digital nomad and colivings project: Mapmelon

Hey there! 

My project was launched some months ago and I guess its time to ROAST IT 🔥

I would love to get some constructive feedback on what I could improve or what I'm doing wrong

I'm gonna play devils advocate, don't take it personal :)

I'm German, I don't like sharing too much about my current or future location, is all the info public like nomadlist?

The coliving thing sounds interesting, but why should I sign up for another social media site? I'm already off IG+FB and the people I know whol like sharing location do it on IG why should they sign up?

What I would think would be interesting would be a mix between kittysplit and coliving - focus only on coliving. I send friends a link, ask whos in?
No signup, no endless social media postings just a site for a specific purpose.

All my thoughts :)

Hi Jesse! Thanks for sharing your point of view :) I'll try to answer everything here:

  1. The info in the platform can be public or private depending on how you set up your account.
  2. We understand that not all colivers like to have more social accounts but in the end this app is (and is going to grow more) towards become a social app for colivers. A place where all the different colivings communities will merge, users will be able to stablish connections with like-minded individuals and maybe meet in another place.
  3. We will think about adding a single-link feature to share details on a specific coliving but right now it isn't our goal.

If you have more feedback or want to discuss deeply about this theme, feel free to reach out and we can book a call :) I'm always open to hear about other nomads' needs :)