Roast my app : Mistral - Pre-made TailwindCSS blocks to kickstart your project.

Video Preview :
Deployed app:

Mistral provides pre-made TailwindCSS blocks to kickstart your project. 
Select a component, choose a color schema, and copy the code. That's it!

  • All blocks are responsive: focus on your content, not the display of each element.
  • All blocks are independents: if you want to create an orange header and a green navbar, you can! If you want to add two navbar and 3 headers, you can! 
  • All blocks are pure TailwindCSS: No other libraries, no JS. So you can easily customize them.
  • All blocks are well commented: Each part is commented, for faster navigation. I recommend using Anchor (VSCode Plugin)

It's similar to TailBlocks, but I use Flexbox instead of the grid system. I've also planned to provide more content than Tailblocks.

The system is ready to be launched, I'm currently focusing on creating new blocks : 
5 CTA, 5 Headers, 5 NavBar, 5 Footers, 5 Pricings, 5 Team, and more.

How I will monetize: provide 'premium' content via Gumroad for $29

Cheers ✌


1) I would move the components in the dropdown to the homepage. Why hide it? This is your main selling point.

2) What does "Copy" do if I'm on the homepage?

3) The overall layout feels a bit clumsy. I'm not sure where to look. Maybe make the feedback button a bit smaller and move the newsletter form to the bottom of the page.

4) I would add a light grey background to the body element, so the components have some contrast on your background. This will make it a bit clearer/prettier imo.

5) Code previews would be neat.

Good luck with launching 😄

Really nice ideas!
Thank you Paul

Great Stuff @icesofty I'll try it out for a prototyping session next week.
If you'd have this ready to generate nextjs pages that would save me even more time ;)

I agree with @paullaros points.

My only addition:
2) Copy confirmation is hardly noticeable.

Let me know when you launch.

Good job on the launch. As an owner of Tailwind UI.

Who is your target market? Are you trying to target users who can't afford tailwind UI? or are you trying to be an additional purchase after tailwind UI?

I would also lean towards implementing full page examples with your blocks. This is one of the key things missing from tailwind UI.

I would recommend also working with a designer to improve the quality of the UI, as it does not match the style or quality of tailwind UI. At the moment, if I purchase this, I can't use it on my projects that use Tailwind UI already as the design style does not match.

Hey @viperfx , thanks for the feedback!
I don't target Taiwind UI users, but the Makers who want to bootstrap projects ASAP

Yeah, I'm still working on the UI, it's still a WIP, will improve it! 😁