Roast landing page for new website directory

Hey, I want to test out a new business idea before I start working on the website. I plan on using Google AdWords to attract users to a landing page that talks about what the website will provide with an email sign up if interested. Depending on the interest level with email sign ups I will decide whether to move forward with the project. The idea is an online course directory that has courses from websites like YouTube, khan academy, Udemy, Udacity with reviews and descriptions. Let me know what you think I should add and or tweak in this landing page. Thanks

Landing page link

Hey Noah,

Awesome idea, in fact, I remember having it in the past 😅

I'd think about your main value proposition - it the "Largest list" the biggest benefit? Or rather finding a perfect course for your needs? (No matter why you're here, you'll 100% find the right course)

You also mention three different use cases in your subheading. Maybe it's worth addressing each of these use-cases below the fold?

Great, thanks for tip on focusing on the value proposition to get the message across. I'll add that to the page.

You're welcome, Noah 🙌
All the best with your project!