Roast an accountability partner workout app

Hello. Please have a look at and let me know what you think. Does the description make sense? What do you think of the concept? Would you use it?

Hey Jacob! Yeah, the description makes sense!

Personally, I never think to do workout with other people in my home. But probably that's just me though.

Out of curiosity, do you use it yourself? If yes, then you shouldn't try to find potential customers. Instead, you should find some people that would want to do workout with you. That would be more fun and they won't feel like you're doing sales or marketing to them.

Good luck for the next step! 😊

Hi Wilbert.

Thank you for taking the time to do a review. I really appreciate it.

I have a feeling that more people will see the benefit of doing a workout at home, and most of us know that we do better when we're not alone.

And yes, I do it myself, almost every day with a friend.

I have recently trained with friends from USA, while I'm in Denmark, so yes I hope to get it spread that way :)

That’s a good opportunity man. Keep on going!