publish apple photos online

made a new product -> create online albums from apple  photos.

I have two directions in mind for this. But would love to hear what other people think.

The page looks clean, good job on making it simple. Here are a few points of criticism:

  1. I'm hesitant to share my apple account access with a random service - Apple is one of the more sensitive auth providers for me. I say that because there are some photos in iCloud like pictures of my passport/ID that I needed for immigration and so on that need to stay private. Even if I don't choose to share that particular album with the passport photo with you, how can I trust that the website won't fetch all of my photos? Not saying this is the case, but you might want to think about some wording to pre-empt that objection from potential users

  2. What's the main use case for this? If it's for sharing pictures with friends, why wouldn't I just AirDrop them to my friends if we're in person? If we're not in person, why wouldn't I just upload a photo dump of the best photos to my public Instagram and share the IG link?

That said, I could see this becoming interesting with some automation on the photos. One direction I could see this going is: "turn your pictures into paid stock photos automatically. We upload your photos for you and set a minimum price to purchase. When people purchase, you get X% of the sale." Not sure if that's one of the directions you had in mind or not, just the first thing that I thought of.

thank you, good comments!

on the access - it's not possible for me to fetch anything not explicitly shared.
you share album to the service the same way you share it with another person - using native apple mechanism. the same way another person cannot get access to all your photos - the same way I cannot get access to them.

on automation - this is one of the cases I'm considering. I connect your apple photos to the web and expose API and enable automations and integrations for you - so eg you can take and host it on your own domain.

but didn't decide on it yet.

mostly want it to take in the direction determined by the users.