Product Strategy For MVP

Hey guys,

I've made this site called Useful Tools, that would allow you to find products that are useful, and save them into collections and share them.

This was inspired by producthunt and @marc 's betalist. The Idea is simple, while discovering new products is nice, most importantly we are looking for things that are useful to us.

for example, the apps @patwalls mentioned in his post (, none of them are new.

So there's definitely a seat for good products, no matter the age.

So I spent some time creating this, but recently I saw producthunt launched a very similar product called Yourstack (, seriously, I heard about it half way throught my development, so I definitely didn't copy them. 😂

My site still needs a bit of improvements, but it's an MVP now, it's at, I was planning to launch it on producthunt, but now I'm not sure simply because Yourstack's existence, so would love to hear your thoughts, advices and criticism. 🙏

Yeah, Your Stack seems to be a similar website of yours. But I think you don't have to be so depressed about the competition. The community where people discuss useful tools should be existed, but no winner is yet.

Why did you decide to build this? If you didn't continue it because of Your Stacks, you should ditch it. But you can keep on working as long as you have motivation ;)

Just think it'd be useful