ppl keep talking about css components instead of Bootstrap. Why & what is recommended?

CSS Modules, you mean?

I saw the word components last time, but maybe they meant modules? Main point was ppl are dropping Bootstrap for other frameworks

Bootstrap is like WordPress — old, bloated, and it's got everything you might need to build a basic site or app. But it's also very well tested. Downside is you have to spend a lot of time customizing Bootstrap to make it look like it's not Bootstrap.

There are other libraries that are more modular and slim like Tachyons or Bulma. They don't cover as many components and elements as Bootstrap, but they have more neutral styling that you can customize more easily.

From one of the creator of Bootstrap (@fat) - source (…)

❤️ this quote, wherein @fat talks about looking back on Bootstrap.

From “People are going to fucking love this sauce” to “Oh my god … did I just make all sandwiches taste like my sandwich?”

It depends on what you want.
I was working a lot with bootstrap a few years back. However ended up, throwing everything out, except the grid system. Because it was too much work to customize it the way I wanted or needed it to look like.

I would say if you're building a website you don't really need bootstrap. You could go with something other like tailwind / tachyons or just a grid system.

IMO where boostrap really shines is rapid UI develoment. If you are building a backend for something and need a lot of various UI elements, it is really nice. You can build a complete functional and okay looking backend in a few hours.

However even there... there are better alternatives, which look more modern, like semantic ui, bulma and others.

Use Tachyons!

This seems to be a common one nowadays. Might give it a try, thanks!

How does it compare to Tailwind.css?

i've just checked Tailwind and found it less productive to use. Tachyons organized their documentation in a simpler way. many companies use it. i can't imagine doing frontend without it anymore.

I think perhaps it depends on the level of your css skills, but I find Tailwind's naming scheme to be far more approachable. I also find their documentation to be excellent. Most questions in the slack chat are actually answered with a link to the relevant page. :)

I end up using Styled Components for all my CSS. It forces me to write CSS that is only directly necessary and it is super readable because the HTML component is on the same page. It also helps with load time because then there isn't one big CSS file with unused properties.