Please roast

Hey everyone,

Would love to hear your thoughts on

I will not explain anything here or go into much detail about the idea behind it so you have a neutral view on e.g. the copy on the landing page.

If you find the time to register and try out the app, it would be great if you could share your thoughts on the following points / areas of interest:

- How easy was the app to use?
- What is your impression regarding the design aspects e.g. interface/UX/UI?
- What is your impression regarding speed/load time etc.?
- If not easy to use, which part of the app was particularly difficult to understand?
- Any other/missing features that you think could improve the app? Anything you would do differently?
- What are your thoughts on language/wording of the landing page and or feature descriptions/instructions?
- Is this something you would recommend to somebody who may have a use case for it? If not, why?
- Anything else? Feel free to be as direct and honest as possible ;).

You can also use this Typeform survey that I have set up:

Thank you so much and of course please let me know if you have questions!


Suggestion for a one-line pitch: "Gamify your goals."

From a sales standpoint - there's plenty of research you could lean into that links gamification to higher completion rates due to the dopamine hits that gamification provides.