Opinion on my 250+ tracks Bali Playlist

I want to build a platform for building collaborative playlists in a stuctured way, with roles and perks for picking good songs.

But before creating the whole app, I'd like to start with something coherent. My take on the future is that playlists will be more and more important.

What is your overall feeling with this playlist ?

The targeted public is bar tender, hair salon, any driver, anyone who like pop music

Not sure I get it, could you describe what you mean when you say "collaborative music platform"?

The playlist is good, but not sure what that has to do with a platform you want to make.

You are right, it was poorly explained, I changed that. Thank you for checking the music :)

Making a little more sense now.

My only feedback here is that you should find a way to validate "building collaborative playlists in structured way" rather than the contents of one playlist.

That's the new thing nobody has seen before. That's your value prop.

The funny thing is that the long term idea is to validate "building ideas in a collaborative way". If you can't do it with music, you won't do it with more boring/annoying stuff like politics or business organizations.

But you are right, I will dig on that. I would say at first draft that it's a Stack Overflow oriented in playlist, with roles/badging enabling some kind of votes.

I think I have an idea with using twitter and a bit of money for that for that.