OpenAI is launching ChatGPTs and GPTs Store, who is planning to build?

OpenAI has announced the launch of the new ChatGPTs store here ->

I feel that this is a super big opportunity to have one of the first mover advantages (perhaps like being one of the first apps on the Apple App store - except with many more users).

Of course there is a platform risk in this case.

I see this as a chance to pivot my small Ecom.AI project to build a GPTs for e-commerce to help with finding winning products, marketing and supply chain optimization, etc...

Perhaps am just a bit too hyped at the moment 😅 What is your opinion on this?

Also, am trying to access the building feature, but for me it shows "You do not have access to this feature". Is anyone here able to access these links?

Ok I figured out a potential initial workaround. There is also the Assistants API, so if you go to you can just create a custom assistant and start chatting with it in Playground

I think it’s pretty much the same thing as ChatGPTs.

This is for those waiting for access…

I'll be honest, I don't really understand the purpose of this. I don't want to think about which GPT character/variation I want to use, I want to have a general purpose chat bot that understands a bunch of different inputs to interact with (basically ChatGPT today)

Yeah can imagine. But I feel that there is a market for B2B customers who would want a highly specialized on-brand expertise with these adjusted models.

We would really love jumping on this, but need to fight off the shiny-object syndrome. After being more clear about our priorities, we just focused on building Shopify apps for a few weeks.
Pivoting again now, will mean we won't finish the next project.
Maybe we'll try it out in the beginning of next year, when we have some ideas what to build with it.

OpenAI just destroyed the AI startups trying to build around it by offering the same services. With the new release of GPT Store, they will get more and more users to create new assistants and then take out the best of them and offer them for commercial use. Maybe in the next release, we would see other startups burning to the ground.!!!