News aggregator + GPT-3 news summarizer

Hey all, I'm doing pre-launch work on, a news aggregator that summarizes news topics using GPT-3 and surfaces articles from across the web.

Would really appreciate any feedback you guys have on everything -- UX, copy, etc.

- The user profile page is shit right now, working on it
- The sign up page language is boilerplate, working on that too
- Some topic pages don't have information yet
- Most charts are not up-to-date

Hi Blake.
- It looks ok, I mean, for reading news the design should be minimal as it is. All good.
- I wouldn't show stuff that isn't done yet, like the follow button.
- If there's a subject, there should be content:…
- I'm sensible to whether the content is fresh, so perhaps an indicator for when the last scraping or such has been done.

Hi Jacob, thanks for responding. Will take all this into account. I have been worried about not having timestamps on the news summaries -- your comment makes a lot of sense to me.

If you don't mind, would you explain what you think would happen when you click the Follow button on a given topic?

by following I would expect to see those news on my feed and possibly get a notification.