Munique - an app for reading newsletters

Please help me create a better description of Munique.

Muniqué is an app for iOS and Android that enables the user to read newsletters that the user subscribe to. With Muniqué, the user can benefit from an app that is built for nothing but reading news.

Here's what the app offers:
  1. The user signs in with their Gmail account.
  2. The app now have read-only access to the users Gmail account.
  3. The app scans the users mails and looks for newsletters.
  4. The app displays a list of all the newsletters found.
  5. The user can click a newsletter and will be presented with a view optimized for reading newsletters.
As you can probably see/read, my skills are ok as a developer, but my copywriting sucks :)

Munique lets you read your favorite newsletters in one place. No need to resubscribe or search for your favorite authors -- just sign in with your Google account and Munique will do the rest.


This is a cool idea. Depending on where the description is, you can put App Store and Play Store button links on the page, so you don't have to mention iOS and Android.

Hi Jacob,

Thanks for writing this. I have been thinking of an idea that can be a feature in your app. "Batching newsletters", essentially, controlling the delivery time of multiple newsletters so they can be batched.

Here is a super rough spec of what I mean by "batching newsletters"…