Multilanguage SEO url structure


I'm building a multi-language site and currently my multi-language structure looks like this:


//Breed pages

On my site it's possible to have a profile that can bee seen by everyone. What would be the best way to make these profile pages multi-language?

If I would use the same structure with profile pages it would look like this:

If I do this users who share their nl url with someone from en the en user will visit the wrong page.

What are your thoughts on this? Is there a better way?



I think language is user specific, not URL specific. I would just guess the language + have a dropdown + store a cookie with the value.

Thanks for your reply. I already thought about that but google does not recommend that…. And SEO is very important for my site.

In that case you should use it in the URL, right?

Yeah I'm not sure haha this is btw an example of a profile page on my site currently But now I'm working on a multi-language version so I'm doing some research now :)

Kinda ironic the link you share has the language in a URL parameter, which Google itself recommends against.

Yes haha already saw that :)

If I do this users who share their nl url with someone from en the en user
will visit the wrong page.

I think this is true for any page, correct? If I as a Dutch user visit your site and up tweeting a link, my Twitter followers will end up on a Dutch page. Correct?

I'd lean towards using a URL parameter even though Google recommends against it. The cons they explain don't include bad SEO ranking as far as I can tell. Personally, I could live with the cons. Also, since your site doesn't seem to be content-heavy and the language setting tends to refer mostly to user interface elements (I think?) I don't think it's much of an issue anyway.

I also recommend looking at how other sites have solved this. Specifically those that have a similar setup as yours. (user generated content, etc)

Currently I'm working on a v2 of and it includes breed pages where a lot of content has been created (by the community). So it will be content heavy and those pages are going to be very different for several languages. It's a difficult decision but I will do some more research.

Thanks for answering Marc!