Made a thing to automatically post completed WIP todos to Twitter

Source code:

Instructions are in the README. Stateless, works using a lookback window (only considers the past hour by default, you can change it to run more often than once per hour) and calls the WIP API to fetch your completed todos. Because of the lookback window concept, make sure you don't run it too often otherwise you'll get duplicate tweets.

Right now this just supports twitter; might add a threads integration if instagram comes out with an API.

Why I built this: there's already a Zapier integration built into WIP, but I don't want to pay Zapier a monthly fee just to replicate my todo items, so I wrote a completely free alternative. Feel free to use it, your cost with AWS Lambda will be $0 vs. Zapier's $49/month (their cheapest plan that lets you connect Twitter)

Here's my GitHub sponsors profile if you like this work enough to buy me a beer: 🍺


Another Golang dev here 👋

@juliaalvarez23 Nice, Gophers unite! Easily my favorite language because it both saves me money (low resource consumption in prod) and it's super easy for me to write/read