Looking for feedback on Cosmic: Virtual Science Museum built in Unity

Looking for landing page feedback! Right now, once a user enters their email, it just says thank you for signing up. Once we really launch, we'll have it load you into the virtual museum experience immediately after entering an email.

For now, we're just looking for feedback on the landing page. The full public launch experience is expected to launch by Nov 27.

Stuff that will be included before real launch:
  • Footage will show avatar selection/options
  • Users will be able to experience the actual demo
    • Imagine Jurassic Park without the death — we have something similar to the beginning of the movie where the DNA character gives you a guided tour of the facilities. After the introduction you're then free to explore.
  • More representation of the reward system, and how the knowledge/tech tree works
Also coming soon will be the Animal Crossing-like rooms you'll be able to arrange and display your collectibles in.

If you have kids or are in the education space and would like to see a walkthrough of the demo, please let me know. (Can send me an email at adam at

Monetization? Don't know yet! Patreon? Unlockable room upgrades?

Would love to hear thoughts, prayers, etc!

Really loved your landing page, Adam.
Everything is smooth, and provides tons of usefull informations.
Awesome products!
The only liiiittle thing I can say is that there is a little margin just after the Footer.

Thanks for the feedback! :)