Launching the first Beta for <paragraph>'s users :)

Hi guys,

During the past several weeks I've worked on <paragraph>, a web application that helps users learn English while reading the daily news.

This week I'd be happy to let ppl try the first Beta version and collect some early impressions.

You can try it in 2 ways:
  1. Chrome extension manual install (it's on the store yet).
    1. Download the extension from Github => HERE 
    2. Unzip the file.
    3. In Chrome go to menu->settings->extensions(mark developer mode)->Load unpacked.
    4. You should see the extension on the top right corner.
    5. Now, browse the web like you normally do and hit the Icon whenever you want to use the product.

  1. Go online to
    1. Copy and paste an article URL and watch it work.
I'm here to help and support, and of course hear your opinion and honest feedback.


1st option:

Chrome extension manual install

2nd option:

2020-07-14_16-25-21 (1).gif 8.56 MB