Launched into private beta!

After making time to knock out some major bugs the last month, I'm proud to say that I've finally "launched" into a private beta! 🚀

Why private beta?

I decided to restrict it just for the simplicity of managing less users and conserving server resources while some final tweaks and issues get worked out. So far I've basically been the only person using and looking at the app while in development, so I'd like to open it up to a smaller group who can play around with it, break it (intentionally or not 😄), and let me know their thoughts on as a whole.

What's next?

Right now I'm working on getting mobile functionality really nailed down to almost perfection, and fixing some weird compatibility issues with slightly older browsers. Past that the roadmap is fairly open. I'm looking for any and all suggestions from users for features they'd like to see on the app, or enhancements that might make managing their budget through the site easier. 

If you'd like to check the app out for yourself, you can message me on wipchat or sign up for the newsletter on the landing page