Launched BuildLimit, looking to join a community of builders.

What are you working on these days?

I just launched where you can enter property address to see what you can build. We look at the property dimensions and zoning/HOA restrictions and give you a menu of building options. 

What can the WIP community help you with right now?

Connect me to property developers or real-estate communities that might want some new tools to streamline their prospecting and discovery workflows. 

What can you help others with?

I can help you think through what parts of your business to automate with software. 

Something else you want to share?

I dream of a future where robots do all my chores. Cofounded opensource self driving car project.

Hi William, welcome to WIP!

I don't know any property developers or real-estate communities, but perhaps I and other WIP members can come up with some ideas to help you find them.

I'm not familiar with the market so these ideas will be quite generic. But hopefully one of these will spark something useful:

  • Do you have any customers yet? Talk to them. Figure out how and where they found out about your site. Ask where they typically get their information, any communities they are part of, etc.
  • Find competitors or companies that target a similar audience. Where do they advertise? How do they find customers? Use tools like Ahrefs to find out who's linking to them.
  • Go on social media and find relevant communities. LinkedIn Groups, Reddit-subs, Facebook Groups, etc.
  • Are there any industry events or conferences you can attend? Those can be a great way to quickly meet many people. Especially if there are exhibition booths with people selling their product. They are happy to talk.

These aren't necessarily scalable ways to find customers. But they should help you get started. Once you're actively talking with people in your target market, that will help you figure out how to reach them at scale long-term.

Oh and one more idea specific to your industry: check what the search traffic is for queries like <area> zoning license

If there's enough traffic (and it doesn't take that much), you could try a programmatic SEO long-tail strategy where you generare a ton of pages for each area people might search for. etc

just saw this @marc thank you. so far cold outreach has been more than enough to keep deals coming but ill try some of these when i get my head above water. really appreciate it