Launch My First Product - https://Meetups.AI - a GPTs Directory

For months I was just slowly building out some other projects that I was interested in.

But with this one finally saw an opportunity to 'Just Do It'. It took me 7 hours from the idea to the execution and https://Meetups.AI is now LIVE.

Am open to any kind of feedback.

  1. The hype is there - Open.AI announced GPTs just 1 (2?) days ago (hype);

  1. Those who have access to build are doing so like crazy (lots of supply);

  1. Most People are still trying to get access to try out the new GPTs (lots of demand);

  1. Access will only be released earliest on Monday. So in 5 days according to @sama on X (curiosity);ย 

  1. OpenAI store will operate on a revenue share model? That is what I understood from the presentation at Dev Day. Sort of like a Spotify pay per listen type of thing for those who build GPTs. So a problem to most people as they wonโ€™t be able to set a price to access their GPTs (pain point).

And all of these things combined make me feel that what I built has a chance to survive and find its place and niche (and who knows, maybe pivot into a GPTs itself ๐Ÿ™‚ ).