Posted - Roast My Landing Page! And maybe the product 👀

Hey! Would love to get some feedback on my landing page, and maybe of the whole product:

This is only one tool of, but the the idea is to offer several tools for designers/creatives to show their work online, get hired, without having to deal with code, page builders, etc.
If they have a behance, they can import the data and get a website up and running in a minute.

There's only one template so far, but more will come next week 

Want to make sure it looks good because it's mostly meant for designers/artists/devs!


Hey Pedro, I used my app to roast your landing page. Still an MVP, but wanted to share with you :)…

I understood it immediatelly.

One thing I noticed:

Behance and PDFs are great
But nothing beats having your own website

The second line is smaller and first I thought you wanted to really say Behance is great, but you actually want to sell the custom page...right?

very good, clear what you are offering, and what it does. one question though: does "Know Who Visited Your Portfolio" mean you host the websites for the users and provide analytics? can you provide your own domain?

Ty! Yeah, portfolios will be hosted by me at{username}. I'll implement custom domains if the project gains enough traction

Hey there! Your landing page looks great overall. The only problem I noticed is with the mobile version. In the "Choose your style" section, the buttons appear to be somewhat broken. The div container seems to be smaller than the buttons, causing them to not fully extend in height.