Joural Together: Keep track of your days and connect with your friends over email

Hey team,

I had an idea recently, about creating a way to both journal, and keep in touch with your friends. It works like this:

a. friends sign up
b. At the end of the day, you each receive an email asking about your day.
c. The next day, you get a group email, with what everyone wrote.

The idea here is:
a. Journal over email: This is the tool most of us already use. By integrating with it, we reduce friction and make it easy to keep the habit up
b. Share with friends: The summary email acts as a light touch point to engage with your close friends


I built this for my friends, and would love to give it to a larger audience. All the functionality is free. Right now, it's in _very very rough_ beta. If you'd be up to test it, I would love for you to try the app! Would love your take on how the onboarding flow was, any feature suggestions, what you liked and didn't, etc 

I am a part of MicroConf Mastermind group. Basically, we have to make each other accountable. The only medium is email. For us, this site would be really useful. All the best on this project.

Cheers Brahma! Let me know if ya'll end up trying it : }

Interesting idea. It has a lot of similarities with what we're working on for WIP, but we're focused specifically on completed tasks. Not so much journaling.

So I do like many aspects of the idea (piggybacking on people's existing email habits, viral effect of inviting friends, etc). But I wonder if people like their journal to be shared? I hardly journal, but when I do I appreciate that it's just for me. It's all about getting my thoughts on paper. Knowing I'm not writing for an audience. This lets the thoughts flow more easily.

I'm curious how the journaling process will change when you know there's an audience.

This would be useful when people already have an agenda like learning JS or building some habit etc. Everyone just shares their journey. The more specific the group, the better they can share their journey.

Hi Stepan, I just signed up and think I might be your target audience.

I could very easily see my friends and I using this to stay in touch. There are nine of us who've been keeping a (private) blog together for 12 years now.

Two thoughts:

1) Custom Time Intervals
What I like about your product is that it solves one of the biggest issues we've had, which is forgetting to write for stretches of time. The reminders and ability to write from your inbox are great. In our experience, however, writing daily is difficult and—even if the group sticks to it—can feel like information overload on the reader's side. It may be nice to give the option to set custom time lengths to the reminders (once a week, once a month).

2) Preview
Screenshots or a demo of what the journal looks like once it's in use by a group would be helpful, so I have a clearer picture of what I'm signing up for. I was curious what it looked like so I followed your prompt ("Don't want to wait? Simply send an email to [email protected]…, and you can log right away") but when I sent the email, I was simply directed to sign up again. It didn't log my entry.

Hope to see this grow! Perhaps I'll be able to convince my friends to move to it someday. We've been on Blogger since 2008.

I just replied to the first reminder email I've received. It seems to think I'm not already signed up. My guess is it's because I signed up with a + in my email address (e.g. [email protected]). If you're not already aware, it's a common trick for gmail users that can confuse websites!

In other words... I signed up with [email protected], but because you're e-mailing me to prompt a response, my response comes from [email protected]. If you account for that, it should fix the issue. :)