🚀 It's D-DAY! Your AI-Powered Web Browsing Companion: Webscape Hits Product Hunt 🎉

Martijn, Meet Chopra, and the rest of the squad here, the folks who brought you History Search, once-voted Product Hunt 'Life Hack of the Year'. Today is THE day we've all been waiting for - our latest creation, Webscape, is now LIVE on Product Hunt!

You know that high-octane thrill when a roller coaster hurtles down its peak? That's a tiny taste of what we're feeling right now. A dash of jitters? Sure. A waterfall of excitement? Absolutely! We're buzzing to finally share Webscape with you all.

Webscape is History Search on some serious techy rocket fuel. It's geared up to become your browser's best pal, your go-to digital whizz to navigate, organize, and conquer the digital chaos. But that's not all! We've got instant recall, collections, and a personalized AI on board - Webscape is ready to revolutionize your web experience.

Now, here's the thing: we've got the product, the dream, and a team that's pulled out all the stops. But to make this launch a success, we need your help!

Check out Webscape on Product Hunt, dive into its features, and let us know what you think. Your feedback, support, review, and shares would mean the world to us. Let's join hands and make the web a smarter place, one tab at a time!

Here's the link to our Product Hunt page:

Can't wait to hear your thoughts and see you on Product Hunt!

To better browsing,

Martijn, Meet Chopra, and the Webscape Squad