is meteor a good choice for the long run?

I think there are 2 things to consider: 1) are you comfortable with meteor right now? Because it seems like a bad idea to learn new technology and build a product with it at the same time (if it is not the point of course) 2) do you think meteor is going to be supported in the long run? What are you going to do if meteor stops being supported?

I guess its a good choice if you already built something with meteor and you are comfortable with it.

Meteor is good for what it already has. If you are a manager or someone who doesn't know how to code & wants to code for the 1st time then use Meteor.

Its very simple to use but bare in mind that it depends on the community packages. If you use any other framework like React on Frontend & Node on Backend then you get variety of options. I mean like 1000 different packages. You can choose your Node server like Koa, Hapi, Micro, etc..... If you want to use Express, you can use it. And there are many different alternatives to Express. With Meteor, you are limited.

Like for Node, there is NPM. For Meteor, there is Atmosphere but again most people stop maintaining stuff. And sometimes the community doesn't have packages.

So if you're not making something custom & want to make a fast MVP then you can use Meteor otherwise don't. Like if I'm making a Chat app, then with Meteor's PubSub model it will be easy & fast but I can also make it with but it will need a lot more configuration.

But if its something complex & unique then I won't choose it because Meteor packages are different from NPM packages.