How would I make as many people Roast my Product? What worked for you?

I was wondering what is your 'Roasting' strategy in case you'd want to get a feedback on your product.

Are you referring to roasts on WIP or getting feedback in general?

Getting feedback in general

Be easy to reach for your customers as possible. This can mean many different things depending on your product, but adding a chat widget to your site is one way. Another way is to replace "[email protected]" email addresses with "[email protected]" or just your personal email.

Feedback from customers is generally more useful than feedback from your peers (other makers).

Getting more comments on WIP

I saw you posted a roast already so I'll comment on that one specifically.

  • Make it easy for people to roast your product, the Chrome installation steps seem rather complicated
  • Specifically ask about the things you want feedback on, which parts of the site.
  • Answer other people's roasts. They might check out your profile and return the favor

Most importantly though, I think people are more likely to give feedback and help you out once they get to know you better and feel invested in your success. Practically that means being active on the site and participate in the chat. Make people part of your journey and they'll cheer you on, help spread the word, provide feedback, etc. I don't think there any shortcuts for that, except for just being an active community member.

Thanks Marc I really appreciate your feedback.
Will do.