How to monetize our first project

Hello, We're working on website to create a super nice and very niched collection for Posting Jobs Site, the difference is that we're gathering very niche resources and not only websites but as well Facebook Groups, Telegram, Slack Etc.

Well, while doing this project we had multiple solutions to monetize but never defined best one:
  1. Subscription based to promote JobBoards.
  2. Automation system to Post Jobs in Specific collection of Job Boards (something like better team)
  3. Make it free :)
Any other solutions?

The site ( ) doesn't load for me.

As for the revenue model: do you have any users/customers yet? They tend to be your best source for revenue model ideas.

Website is not ready yet - before launch we was planning first to identify any revenue/monetization model.

Based on my experience with, I can tell that 'promote job boards' is the best way to monetize at the beginning.

Companies are not paying any money in unknown websites, so at first, you should stay with a normal 'auto aggregator' for job vacancies and after your website starts to get more traffic then make a feature for paid posts.

You should manage your website like an 'Instagram page', at the beginning you can charge as low as $1 - 5 USD and after you get 'X' amount of traffic then raise the price accordingly. Also, always be transparent and honest with your clients, especially with early customers.

And don't make the same mistake that I did with your 'registration form', try to get the 'MOST' of your new users before they leave your site forever*.

For example, I made a 'Twitter Sign Up' button to make a quick '1 click signup', and it was fantastic almost 40% of my visits registered a new account the first day. The 'problem' ... I didn't make a twitter function to automatically follow my 'remotelist' Twitter account after signing up.

So I lost a 'key' factor to retain users after the first day, with automated tweets and some kind of 'communication' channel with my userbase.

Twitter Followers are a nice way to justify that your website matters for companies and potential clients.

Anyways, good luck with your project and I wish you the best :)