How many people here stay in the Netherlands or would be there during December/Jan?

I would love to meet!

CS @ TU/e | Building stuff for the web |

I'm in the Netherlands (Eindhoven), great idea :)

Founder PlayStudio an app development company
Maker of WIP amongst other things.

I'll be in Eindhoven in December. Let's meet up!

Full stack developer from Amsterdam

I live in Amsterdam, so I’m there in December!

CTO & Indie maker - -

I’m in Amsterdam till december 9!

Founder PlayStudio an app development company

Amsterdam should be fine for a small meetup

Aw man I’m leaving this Monday! Happy to meet in February though.

Designer or brands and interfaces 🕶

At the moment in Zwolle, where I live. But will leave to a warmer place on earth in januari to defrost.

I'll be in Paris until December 20th. I don't mind coming to Amsterdam during that time :)

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