How many of you have completely switched to using only CSS Grid with No Fallbacks?

As of today, June 4 2018, CSS Grid is supported by 84.9% browsers of global usage unprefixed.

Did you switch completely to CSS Grid or use CSS Grid with Flexbox as a fallback?

I've been using CSS grid with a flexbox fallback for months now, still hesitant to lose the fallback, but I did get lazy on a recent project and not worry about it too much (though still had to provide -ms fallbacks for the not so wonderful Edge).

Yep I am confused between going full Grid or Grid with Flexbox as fallback because it also requires to change markup (HTML) as well. If it were just adding more CSS then it would've been fine 😂

Yeah, it can be annoying. Though I've just learnt to factor it in for the most part. With some of the more complex grids however I do just leave it to browser support without the flex fallback. I've literally wasted hours upon hours on fallbacks for browsers that have say 1.6% market share, there comes a point where you have to argue that the time spent isn't worth the reward.