How do you make your logos unique?

I use with different fonts & add some text shadows to it & export it using SVG.

Now that Vectr added ads & its irritated me, I've deleted it & switched to Sketch for making some cool logos 😜

Making a logo unique is about the idea behind it. Not the font of shadows. It should tell a story, makes people curious and make them wonder what is there more te discover.

That's a good thought. So let's say I have a mobile app which displays remote jobs (this is my next app 😂). How would you go about it?

Like for WIP, its easy, just show 🚧 emoji. It becomes tedious when your product isn't common or based on emoji keywords. Should we make it on the story then? I have another idea for Templates for Mobile App. Now again there really isn't a story here. How to go then?

A logo is a weird thing. When one is set and people recognise it is is okay. The Nike logo could have been everything, but now it is loaded with the values of the brand and the perception have from it.

For is a standard emoji, which works for the incrowd folks. But outside this community it is hardly to see that this is a logo of a community. The other downside is that is is a common symbol. Not unique. So you can not claim the use of it, and it can be used in other ways by anyone. So you can not claim it.

The process of making a brand is huge one and involves a lot of thinking, talking, sketching and trying. And even the logo part will take a long time. At least if you want to have some story and depth behind it.

Of course you can go for a simple solution, and just combine 2 shapes and call it your logo. This can work, a lot of succesfull companies did it. But you have to work harder to have it recognised as the symbol for your brand.

I usually start by defining what the brand of product is doing, what is unique, who is the audience, what are the clichés in this world. Stuff like that. And then start drawing shapes, figures, writing the name in different ways. And in that process there will come up a starting point for a logo. I trust on my experience that I will come up with a good fit for the brand.

Wow thank you for this thorough answer 🙌
I'll try to apply these principles in my upcoming projects

Thanks man. And if you need help, I am just 1 Telegram message away.