How do you build email lists for a startup in sex and wellness industry? it's not a tech product and not a sex toy. Thank you!

Launching Kickstarter in less than 30 days

  1. Think about who is your target market. Where do they read, hang out (online and offline), etc. Reach out to them in those places.
  2. Form relationships with folk who have your target market with a non-competing, complimentary to yours product or service. Figure out how it would benefit them to reach out to your market for you.
  3. Create something catchy and shareable - image in social media? YouTube video? That has a call to action to sign up...

Thank you so much @jillbinder ! Your suggestion is great. Well, I'm gonna try to put it on PH too, the product is I'm compiling a list of relevant people in the industry to share this to. Also, building the social media.

@jillbinder makes some excellent suggestions.

If you haven't already I'd focus first on talking to a bunch of people face to face. It's much quicker to receive feedback that way and iterate your pitch on the fly. Once you feel like you've got a good grasp of what people are looking for, and how to best communicate what you have to offer, only then would I move to more scalable yet less personal media such as email. Early on it's all about developing an understanding. Growing a customer base then becomes much much easier.

Perhaps you've already done this type of research though. I couldn't tell from your question so figured I'd throw it in.