How did you make your first ever $1 online?

Like the first payment you received or service/software you sold? Bet we all have different stories. :)

YouTube + Google Adsense 😂

Same, it was the first time I made some bucks online 😼when I was 16 y/o and bored during the summer ahah

I wrote custom plugins for the Bukkit mod for Minecraft servers

Love this question! I did some blackhat stuff with cookie stuffing and Amazon Affiliate links 🎩👀. I felt guilty and quickly moved to niche WP sites that ranked for obscure keywords and had tons of ads on them.

I made someone a banner to use as a forum signature for $5.

Hahaha I used to have my own "sig shop" at a RuneScape forum. Good times.

Got a donation for my software Clipjump ($10) in 2013.

As a teenager in 2001 I discovered 'nomorehits', a traffic exchange where you got traffic to your site by visiting other members' sites.

It was pretty dull, so I made a bot in Visual Basic to spawn multiple IE instances and auto surf the sites. I then realised the traffic (and my own site!) was worthless, so I changed my URL to an affiliate link for an online marketing course and started earning commissions. Someone later signed up as my sub-affiliate and I was still receiving occasional $1 cheques from their efforts about ten years later!

110 EUR with an affiliate link (Dell computer) in 2004

Adsense and affiliate revenue for a site called "businessnoob" way back in 2008. Sold the site for £2000 and went to work for the co that acquired it (they shut it down).

Helped to complete a javascript task (parse date etc) for a guy from r/forhire , $15 for 1 hour of work lol