Honest Feedback please?

I have just launched a new video conferencing app for teams to make standups/scrums easier than it had been. (1-Click video team conference, etc...). I have a free plan so anyone can try it out!

I would love to hear some feedback ( harsh or otherwise ) as long as it is honest!

Some questions that come to mind

Is the service missing any features?
Would you ( and/or your team ) use it? Why or why not?
How is the video quality compares to other services like zoom, webex, etc...
I WOULD LOVE to hear any feedback/comments :)

Thank you!!!!!

Sign up flow. Too much effort to type in the number manually, I cannot paste

And then I finally enter it, and I have to fill out a whopping form to do anything. No way to sample or test easily.

@franspeter Thank you for your suggestions! We have updated our signup process to only require the email and the account url. No additional information is needed.